Amazing Spider-Man #1 Review

By: Rob Neil Gruszecki

Peter Parker is finally back and he is just as fun as ever. The Superior Spider-Man realized that to become as his name would suggest he would have to sacrifice himself for the greater good. With the demise of Doctor Octopus, Peter is finally free to control his body once again and return to the streets of New York where his arch nemesis has been tinkering for months. The obstacles in front of Peter are vast and he will have a hard time adjusting to this different world that he has been blind to for an extended period of time but clutching to his webs the Amazing Spider-Man joyously bounds about the streets with great power and responsibility.

Continuing his momentous run on the adventures of Spider-Man, Dan Slott returns to pen the next chapter of Parker after the saga of the Superior Spider-Man draws to a close. Illustrating this first issue back in the world of Amazing is legendary Spider-Man artist, Humberto Ramos and his pencils are just as vibrant, electric and imaginative as ever before. Picking up after the possession of Dr. Octopus and already beginning to plant brand new seeds for future stories, Amazing Spider-Man delivers a fresh jumping on point and new era of the webslinger. Introducing the possibility of another victim of the radioactive spider bite that gifted Parker to begin with and hinting at a run in with Electro after tragic events at the Conway Penitentiary, Amazing clearly has many twists to come.

Dan Slott has consistently written the most joyous adventures of Spider-Man that are challenging, interesting, bold and unpredictable and with his last year and a half unravelling the truth of a Superior Spider-Man it is wonderful to see him return to the legendary character whose history has only been brightened by Slott’s involvement over the years. You can tell that Slott is having the time of his life returning to script the words of Peter as he battles villains and saves bystanders and dropping a snide remark or bad pun every panel. The balloons and thought bubbles of Peter are an absolute joy to read. I have trusted the talent and storytelling capabilities of Slott since the brave decision to remove Parker from the 616 for over a year and I continue to cling to his every word as he builds a fresh new world and set of problems for old Web Head.

All different incarnations of Spider-Man have boasted some of the greatest comic artists in the world and Humberto Ramos will definitely go down at least in the top ten of Spidey artists of all time with what he has done alongside Slott. His limbs are elastic and his facial expressions are expressive and expertly delivered. Ramos captures the adventure and action aesthetic of Spider-Man flawlessly and his work in the new Amazing Spider-Man proves again that Ramos’ spot needs to be saved among Spidey artistic legends.

If you have had any affection for Peter Parker over the years then it should be required that you check out the new #1 of Amazing Spider-Man as this book really harnesses all of the characters strengths and amplifies them. One of the better Marvel series today.

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