Suicide Squad #11

By Rob Williams & John Romita Jr.

The first thought that comes to my mind after reading this book, is that I’m glad I didn’t commit suicide after watching the movie. If I did, I wouldn’t have had a chance to read this entertaining issue (that and how I want to die fighting a genetically altered bear creature, like it says on my pre-written obituary).

Back to the issue at hand (get it). Suicide Squad #11 is written by Rob Williams (Cla$$war, Uncanny X-Force) and drawn by John Romita Jr (you better know who that is), and is part 1 in the Burning Down The House story arc. This issue comes right out of Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad, Waller is on operational leave and the squad is trying to track down the Annihilation Brigade. Meanwhile, some bad @$$ from Wallers’ past is hitting safe houses while rocking a wicked cloak and swinging a very cool fire sword.

Admittedly, this is the first issue I’ve read of the current Squad run so I don’t know anything that has happened prior. However, the story is easy to follow and makes for a good jumping on point. I must say that I’m liking the way these characters are portrayed in this series. Enchantress has a slick look and her bizarre dialogue fits her bizarre character. Killer Croc is at his human devouring best as seen in my favourite panel (bottom of page 9). Harley is entertaining as always, and Flag isn’t a whiny lovestruck loser. The big surprise though, is that they actually make Boomerang useful! For five seconds I actually thought he should be a part of this team, and not a list of 20 worst villains ever made.

Even if you don’t follow this series, I’d recommend giving this arc a shot. It has a strong start, plus an ending that will have you longing to read what happens next. For an added comfort David Ayer has zero writing credits! So give this issue a chance, and if you disagree with me and loath this comic wishing with all your might to never lay eyes on it again. I have a solution. Hide it under one of the reasonably priced Suicide Squad movie statues Alpha has in stock. Problem solved!

Chad Colpitts (Independent Comic Book Writer @TiCComics)