Superior Spider-Man #10 Review

By: Rob Neil Gruszecki

            A harrowing and life altering battle with his nemesis Doctor Octopus left Peter Parker stranded in a body he had spent so long battling against and out of a home he had built a legacy with. All this while Otto in turn piloted a Superior web-slinger free of the machinations of his enemy. This was not the end of Peter Parker however as his collective memory was salvaged inside his old body and continued to live on and influence the decisions of his occupied mind. With the inevitable realization of Parker’s presence inside his brain however, the evil doctor soon disposed of the lingering voice and preformed a procedure that would get rid of Peter for good. Now completely unfettered and independent, Octavius controls the actions of Spider-Man and rules over the life of the man behind the mask in a far more efficient and effective manner, starting with a well-balanced time table and rewriting a few rules of conduct including the permanent elimination of enemies.

Superior Spider-man from the Marvel Now line have been one of the most interesting and entertaining series since the initial launch and remains the most surprising and revolutionary take on the wall-crawler in years. Dan Slott, a different kind of mad-man behind the actions of Parker, pulls the strings and continues to punish the poor boy by throwing every possible horrible circumstance at the hero including the recent theft of his entire life by his arch-enemy. So far the series has been unable to predict and delivers a shock with each last page, turning corners no one expected. With each instalment a route we had been led to believe as the ongoing direction is rapidly dismissed and replaced with another curve ball of a plot. This keeps the story fresh and engrossing as not in a long time has the fate of a legendary character actually been so unknown and toyed with so brutally. Slott scripts the new Otto Parker hybrid as a hilariously pompous, cruel and inept at puns jackass hell-bent on becoming the best hero New York will have ever seen, which is a blast to read.


Featured as one of the many talented cycled artists on the book including Humberto Ramos and Giuseppe Camuncolli is Ryan Stegman, who draws the Superior looks with a dark and jagged edge that I greatly enjoy. Spidey now looks angry, formidable, vicious and dangerous which is an excellent representation of a different brain behind the mask. Along with his excellent design of Spider-Man is a sinister depiction of Octavius in the Parker skin which paints the once lovable and witty genius as a now snide, upper-class twit with a @#$% eating grin on his rodent like face. You absolutely love to hate this new Superior Parker as even though your enemy is in the skin of your hero it is so fun seeing the powerfully responsible as kind of a dick. Of the three artists on the book it is impossible to pick a favourite as they are all responsible for some truly incredible work and what Stegman brings to the book is equally as brilliant as Ramos and Camuncolli. The team make for one of the best looking books of the Now line.


Of the past ten issues we have seen some truly excellent covers but what Marcos Martin (The Private Eye) has done up for issue ten is my favorite so far of the series. Highlighting the dark path that this book has taken and the violent change in the appearance of the wall-crawler, Martin captures the newly possessed superhero in a frightening and haunting pose as he reaches out to you with his sharp claw like fingertips.


This issue in particular features a follow up to a villain tease a few issues back and concretely delivers an Otto as Spider-man story uninhibited by the lingering cohabitation of Peter stuck inside and helpless which we have been privy to in the past nine issues. Plotting the series in a new direction, issue ten is another great instalment in one of the best cape books over at Marvel. Filled with twists that infuriate, shock and captivate, Superior Spider-man will surely be a treasured saga in the history of the character long after it has run its course.

Rob Neil Gruszecki is a writer, musician, podcaster and Wednesday Warrior

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