Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #1 Review

By: Rob Neil Gruszecki

            Late at night in New York a gang corners a couple in an alley. Their faces are hidden underneath masks and they threaten the poor bystanders as they inch closer and closer adorning knives in each of their hands. Falling down from the sky however are two figures announcing themselves as Cloak and Dagger, arriving on the scene just in time to help out the frightened victims. It isn’t long however before dagger gets a seemingly random and undeserved fist to the face by that hero (jerk) we have all come to know and love (tolerate), the Superior Spider-man.

Attacking Daredevil on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, trapping Gravity in a web, blasting Sun Girl out of the air, exchanging some fisticuffs with Dr. Strange in a hospital, single-handedly pummelling the Future Foundation in front of their students, Doctor Octopus in the skin of Peter Parker seems to be really misunderstanding the entire definition of teaming up. Not before long does Captain America assemble the Avengers to get to the bottom of his recent behaviour and the explanation is more complicated than it would seem.


The Superior Spider-Man has been one of my favorite facets of the Marvel Now universe and how much I enjoy reading this new sinister and simply rude Spider-man just gets more powerful each issue he’s featured in. This new series is an opportunity to play with the dynamic of Doctor Octopus fighting alongside all those other goodie two shoes that call themselves heroes. Christopher Yost scripts this first installment featuring all the Avengers as they try to figure out why Spider-Man has been such a dick lately and his plotting is perfect Marvel fun. Titles like Team-up should be exactly this, a light, clever, exciting, star-studded adventure and that has been achieved in this first issue.


David Lopez’s pencils were an incredible feature of this issue. His style is in the vein of Dave Aja, Paolo Rivera and Chris Samnee which is one that blends smooth and minimalist character design with cartoonish tones that burst with slick transitions. A full page of the Avengers as they scrutinize their probationary member and one simple image of the Superior Spider-Man swinging between buildings are incredible panels. Also the final page of this first issue really highlighted the dark nature of the Superior Spider-Man, making his presence intimidating and ominous as he contemplates his next step in his hostile takeover of the life of Peter Parker.


Superior Spider-man month has produced some great titles that hopefully will see a long life parallel to the adventures of the main title as Otto continues to pilot a hero gifted with great power. Superior Team-Up is a promising new title that can exploit some of the more peripheral adventures of the twisted Superhero, welcoming the aspects of goofiness that make titles of this nature so enjoyable. As well as being very innocent fun, Team-Up was a compelling story that was gripping from the first instance of Otto sucker punching a fellow hero and you’ll have a great experience burning through this first crack at the Superior Spider-Man trying to play well with others.


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