ThanosThanos Legacy #1 – Written by Donny Cates & Gerry Duggan and illustrated by Brian Level & Cory Smith.

If you’re reading Infinity Wars, you may have some questions surrounding Thanos (a.k.a everyone’s favourite Mad Titan). Questions that may in fact be causing your normally centred self to dip ever so slightly into to the ever welcoming pool of madness. Hopefully this little book brings you the sanity you deserve. Or at least allows you to stop scrunching your eyebrows in the universal sign of confusion. So put down the big gem covered glove, stop killing those nice heroes and head to your favourite reading spot.

Cosmic Calamity

The cosmic side of Marvel is going through some things, and the worst is yet to come. However, until Infinity Wars #3 comes out allow Donny Cates (Venom) to catch you up on the misadventures of Thanos. Apparently there is a gap between the latest Thanos series and the Infinity Wars, and apparently this book closes it. Since I haven’t read any of the Wars stuff I don’t really know how much it explains. I should also confess I was a little confused. However, Cates’s entertaining narrative coupled with stellar artwork by Brian Level (The Mantle),was more than enough to keep me interested. Although the main reason I’d recommend this book, is so you can see the Cosmic Ghost Rider pee fie. That in my opinion makes this comic worth every penny. Plus there is also a cool silent companion story brought to us by Gerry Duggan (Guardians Of The Galaxy) and Cory Smith (Weapon H) which is smoothly paced and beautifully illustrated.

Mad About Thanos

If you’ve been reading all things cosmic including the latest Thanos run, then this book is a must for your collection. It answers a few questions, fills a few gaps, and looks great while doing it. If you haven’t read anything cosmic in a while this might not be the best jumping on point. However, the art in this book if worth checking out and the book has its share of highlights. Plus, there is a scene/event in this book that could possible make it an important one to have in the old comic box.

P.S. This comic ties in with Infinity Wars. So if you are trying to get a complete run on that series don’t overlook this book.