The Field #1 Review

By: Rob Neil Gruszecki

Pursued through a wide expanse, grass and hay stretching to his waist, a man in nothing but his underwear finds potential salvation in a smartphone that is sending him mysterious messages. Messages that could save his life. Behind the wheel of a rampaging car, a fundamentalist religious man questions the frightened stranger at gunpoint and demands he get into his car immediately. What follows is a violent and sinister story of a lost man getting caught up in a deadly situation that still has much to unravel.

Written by Ed Brisson (Comeback, Sheltered, Murder Book) and illustrated by Simon Roy (Prophet, Jan’s Atomic Heart & Other Stories), the new Image mini-series, The Field delivers a fast paced and gripping thriller full of intrigue and brutality. This first installment in a four issue mini-series drops you right in the middle of chaos and guides you along a twisted journey of a handgun wielding madman who deems cursing offensive but seemingly has no problem with ruthless violence and physical abuse, biker gangs hot on the trail of an elusive target and unknown overseers delivering prophetic advice through perfectly timed text messages. The best feature of reading through The Field is the feeling of complete disorientation but confidence that the storytellers know exactly where they are headed and what’s in store. The Field is a great story that reveals itself only in little bits at a time and it is an absolute joy to be on board as it peels away its layers.

Ed Brisson is an absolute creative gem over at Image comics, contributing lettering to outstanding series such as Prophet and scripting some of my favorite series from Image to date with the ongoing Sheltered and the Michael Walsh time travel mini, Comeback. His strength as a storyteller shines in this first issue as it presents just enough to keep you hooked and interested all the while promising so much more with every page. The Field is an intense page turner and is another in an ever increasing resume of greatness from Ed Brisson.

Simon Roy is an artist with an endless imagination and if you have had the pleasure of reading the treasure trove of gold that Prophet has been over these past few years with Roy and Brandon Graham at the helm then you know exactly what I’m talking about. With an ability to create the most bizarre to the most beautiful renditions of alien planets and species it is clear that his talent is vast and eclectic. With the Field, Roy draws a book that is a vicious, unflinching and scary as hell. A gritty chase comic that clearly has much more up its sleeve, The Field is another great example of the exciting work of Simon Roy.

The Field is a mesmerizing chase through the unknown that broadcasts two explosive talents in comics and will hook you from the first few pages.

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