Blood Bowl coverBlood Bowl #1: More Guts, More Glory!
Writer: Nick Kyme
Artist: Jack Jadson

What the double-hockey-stick did I just read?  From the preview back in Feburary: “Enter the scrum, this summer! Titan Comics and Games Workshop are thrilled to announce Blood Bowl: More Guts, More Glory, a brand-new series based on the runaway smash-hit board game and video game.  Blood Bowl is set in an alternate version of the Warhammer universe – one where brutal chaos and inter-species rivalries are settled on the football pitch, rather than on the battlefield!”

If you aren’t familiar with the board game: it was originally introduced in 1986, ran its course and then was reintroduced in 2016. Now it’s ready to break away from the constraints of the board and into the digital domain. And thus we have this book – effectively the “Warcraft movie” of the Warhammer universe.  If you need a more in-depth explanation as to the original game – there is a long and interesting read over at Wikipedia about it.

The art is done by Jack Jadson whose list of comics in his credits includes Teen Titans and Justice League.  Its well done and conveys the blood and guts VERY clearly.  On the other side – the story is by Nick Kyme who….well… is Nick Kyme (there’s, like, nothing about this guy on the net – maybe the first writer ever who is off the grid, so… good job!)

This isn’t deep stuff here – you basically are reading the story of multiple games of what is effectively football with cheating orcs, humans, etc.  With blood.  A LOT of blood.  And there should be quite a following out there for this book considering the glut of Warhammer fans out there.