Review: The Wild Storm #1

Written by Warren Ellis and Jon Davis-Hunt

I don’t normally disagree with George Clooney. However, he and his crew were wrong because this is the perfect storm. Though this book has zero sharks and zero nados, it’s down right intriguing and quite exhilarating. From the very first panel you start questioning everything. Who was that? What just happened? What will happen next? That my friends is the genius of Warren Ellis.

Before I get too ahead of myself, here’s the low down. The Wild Storm is written by Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan) and drawn by Jon Davis-Hunt (Clean Room), and promises to be a tale full of paranoia and conspiracy. The first issue is mainly build up, introducing some of the key players in this 24 issue epic. Without giving too much away I’ll say a heroic action by an unknown person in a possible “cyber suit” opens the flood gates for a $h*t storm between two competing organizations. With a master like Ellis behind the wheel, there is no way to tell what is truly going to happen. However, I can guarantee it will be engaging and the kind of story you’ll want and/or need to read a second time. With Ellis you can’t go wrong- he could write a scented book about the history of poop and I’d still enjoy every minute of it. Not to sell the artist talent short, the artwork is top notch! The action scenes are stunning, especially when our friend with the suit takes flight. The art pops off the page with all the style of a modern day non-Bay blockbuster. Also on an art note, the variant cover by Jim Lee (Wild C.A.T.s Creator) is phenomenal! If my body was more canvas like and less bone yard I’d want it tattooed on my person immediately. Maybe I can spare a butt cheek for it.

I bet some of you are worried that if you don’t know anything about the Wild C.A.T.s or Storm Watch, you’ll be lost. I can tell you this much. If you don’t know any thing about Wild Cats you should stay out of the jungle. If you don’t know anything about Wild C.A.T.s, that’s ok because this is more or less a reboot/ reimagining and the perfect place to jump on for those new to these titles.

Do yourself a favour and grab a copy of The Storm Watch, and read it today or tomorrow or The Day After Tomorrow. Just make sure you read it. You won’t regret it. Plus if you enjoy this catch up on some old issues of Wild C.A.T.s in stock at Alpha (or at least they were at one point, if they’re not there you took too long). Don’t forget to add this to your pull list if you enjoy it, I have a feeling you won’t want to miss a single issue!

Chad Colpitts (Independent Comic Writer @TiCComics)