X-Men: Grand Design – Written and Illustrated by Ed Piskor
grandI think the title of this book should be changed from X-Men: Grand Design to X-Men: Delorean, because this baby is a time machine! No other way to describe it. It is complete nostalgia from the material inside to the very paper it’s printed on. Which in my opinion, makes this book an extraordinary endeavour and a must have for every comic collection.
Turn Back The Clock

If you’re not with the times, allow me to give you the DL on this book. This is issue one in a mini series that retells the entire history of the X-Men. With this comic Ed Piskor (Hip Hop Family Tree) gives us a thorough yet easy to follow recaX-Menp of the life and times of the X-Men. Focusing on the highlights and key points in their timeline. This in itself is a bold project. The X-Men have a lot of history and their lives have mainly been on the complicated side. They are basically Marvel’s version of a soap opera.

Piskor had a mega ton of material to sift through, and to set up in a chronological order. This is challenging because most of the origin stuff was referred to in later issues through flashbacks. At the back of the book he gives us a page layout showing where he found the material for each page, and man it was totally scattered all over the place. He really had his work cut out for him. Somehow, he has managed to take all this info and relay it back into a coherent narrative that flows smoothly in an exciting and entertaining way. This comic is basically the most exciting history book I’ve ever read.

If the extensive research wasn’t enough, Piskor has also out done himself with his amazing artwork. The art inside this book is a loving homage to the comic book art of old. It looks uncannily like the early years of the X-Men, while still projecting Piskor’s own style. It’s a pure joy to see his recreations of old characters and old scenes. The other perk with this book is that Piskor was also able to embellish on things or add his own take on what the scenes looked like. As well as visually depicting things that were only mentioned and never actually shown. This allows him to add his own flair to these pre-established stories, without drastically altering history.

A Timeless Collectors Item

If you’re a fan of the X-Men and want to relive the glory days in 30 minutes oppose to 30 million years, this book is for you. It’s the perfect way to bone up on your X-Men knowledge or to respark your memory. It’s also great for new fans hesitant to read current stuff before reading the old stuff. By the time you read the final issue you should be more than caught up, and X-Men trivia will most likely be leaking out of your ears. I personal loved this book, because it taught me a lot about some of my favourite characters. I have yet to read lots of the old stuff, so for me most of it was new and very interesting. So whether you’re a new fan or old, let’s do the time-warp again!