Young Justice #1 – Written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Patrick Gleason

  • Series Type: Ongoing

Remember back when you were young, and had to save the world? You don’t? Maybe you just weren’t hanging out with the right crowd. Maybe you should have surrounded yourself with a different type of people. Like the kind that wears spandex or the kind that is related to grisly old cowboys. Well, it’s probably too late for you now. With your sore joints and aching back, but if your eyesights still working here’s your chance to read about the childhood you missed out on.

Forever Young

Metropolis is under attack from Gemworld warriors, and Superman is nowhere to be found! Perhaps he’s too busy playing cribbage or plucking nose hairs. Luckily for Metropolis that cape wearing geezer isn’t their only hope, instead help will come from a mix matched group of heroic younglings. This new incarnation of Young Justice features both old favourites, new creations, and a character you probably forgot existed. It’s a very exciting line up that should mesh nicely even though its made up of wildcards.

You can bet that the return of Connor Kent as Superboy will thrill Young Justice fans. However, he’s not the only exciting addition. Also in the team are: Robin (Tim Drake), Impulse (Bart Allen), Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark), Teen Lantern, Amethyst and Jinny Hex. Yes you heard those last two correctly, and just to clarify Jinny Hex is indeed the daughter of Jonah Hex. Amethyst is a bizarre choice for this team, but I always love to see obscure characters brought back into continuity. Plus, it’d be insane to have a story involving Gemworld and not include Amethyst. There’d be no justice in that, young or old.

Young Justice is a super fun book! Obviously geared for a more teen audience, but will still appeal to older readers as well. Brian Michael Bendis (Superman) knows how to write an engaging story that can be enjoyed by all. The pace is quick and the story is full of action, while still laying out the obligatory set up and character introductions. It doesn’t feel forced or rushed- it’s simple and smooth. Also smooth is the art work of Patrick Gleason. Especially when paired with the vibrant colour choices of Alejandro Sanchez. Everything is nice and bright and conveys a very energetic feel to a book that’s full of energy.

Wonder Comics

What is Wonder Comics you ask? Well . . . Wonder Comics is a new DC imprint spearheaded by Brian Michael Bendis, and tasked with bringing more teen focused titles into continuity. Young Justice is the first of many titles that’ll be under this imprint including Wonder Twins and Dial H. So far they are off to a great start. Young Justice is a very entertaining book, that is everything teenage me and 28 year old me could ask for. If the other titles can match the quality of this book, then we are definitely in for a treat.