Alpha Comics is based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada and provides many services to comic book fans!

    • New, old, and rare/slabbed comics
    • CGC Grading Services (What is CGC? Is it for you?)
    • Comic related toys
    • Children’s comics
    • New! Your Pull List/Subscription can be viewed online.  Now includes the ability to request changes to your pull list.  A “requested changes” list will be available until they have been updated by AlphaComics staff.

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Martian Manhunter #1: Your New Favourite Martian

Aliens are among us! And even worse they have the ability to arrest us! Or at least John Jones (a.k.a J’onn J’onzz) does. He’s a Martian who spends his days disguised as a human detective, but he’s about to stumble upon a case that’s as out of this world as he is.

The Streaker #1: What Happens When Writers Go “Bad”

Just another superhero here to save the world. Unfortunately for villains and citizens in need, he’s doing it without pants on. Oh, and he glows in the dark.

The Heroic Age Of Galactic Exploration With Jack Shackleton #1 & #2

Follow Jack Shackleton and his crew aboard the Calypso as they travel through the cosmos in an attempt to make the first documentary TV series about life on other worlds!


How To Store and Protect Your Comics

Wondering how to store your books for the best possible grade (whether you are sending it in for grading or not)?  The following items are a list of the ways that comics can be stored and its effect on the books themselves

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