Alpha Comics’ online system provides our customers with an unparalleled level of service for our pull list customers in Western Canada. We’re always adding features – the current list is detailed below:

Online Pull List Lookup

Once you have an email and password registered with AlphaComics (in-store), you have the ability to log in to the website This is found at Subscription Service -> My Account. This screen shows all your information in one convenient place. This includes your pull list, one-time required books coming in, your keywords and your last 10 pull list removals and why they were removed.  You can also request items be added or removed from your pull list from here.  This is the preferred method of requesting changes. Its logged and we can make sure it is handled for you in a timely manner (as opposed to emails, Facebook messages, etc).

Email Notifications

If you have an email address registered with us, we will send you a notification for our regular processes. This includes pull list modifications, one-time required items, CGC status updates and changes to your watch list.

Watch List

Looking for back issues but don’t have time to go through every box that comes into Alpha? Let us do it!  Have our staff add books to your watch list with minimum quality and max price (if required) and we’ll watch for it and let you know if we get one.  Get it somewhere else in the meantime?  Just let us know and we’ll take it off your list.

One-Time Items

This is how we track your special orders, missed comics, etc. We call them One-Time Required Items. If you special order a trade paperback or previous book, we add it to your one-time list.  In addition, when there’s an issue with a book not coming in when it should (like a pull list book), we add it to this list.  You’ll also get notifications of items added or removed from this list (and you can see them when you log in to


Have you ever wanted your local comic store to just automatically add any book based on your favorite character?  Ask our staff to add it to your keywords list! You can add words you want to include and exclude.  For example – if you want all Amazing Spider-man books (like the main story, one-shots, annuals, etc) but don’t want True Believers reprints – that’s easy and we can do that.  And if you missed a keyword to exclude and it adds something you don’t want?  No big deal, you’ll get an email (if your email is registered) every time something is changed on your pull list.  Just reply to the email and let us know.

CGC Submissions

When you submit an item to be slabbed, graded and/or pressed with CGC, we add it to this list so you know when you submitted it to us as well as the current status of the item.  CGC processes do tend to take a while to be completed so this feature should give you peace of mind that we are aware of the status of your treasured items. **Note: Alpha is currently not accepting submissions while we clear out the backlog left over from the transition from the old ownership.   We expect to be back up and running in the next couple of months (early 2020). Thank you for your patience!

Store Managed Comic Lists

On our website, as well as on Facebook once a month, we track the upcoming books for you so you don’t have to! Comic distributors, as well as publishers, are well known for not notifying readers. There are changes to the release date for books all the time.  We maintain our own list of releases available for your reference at any time.  The best part? If you log in – every pull list comic has a link to when the next book is coming out.

Pull List Rewards!

Have 5 or more books on your pull list? That’s 10% off your comic purchases (including non-pull list comics). That extra discount can result in comics cheaper than our competition!  Don’t have 5 books or more – no big deal, you can still have a pull list, you just won’t get this juicy discount.

Upcoming Releases

Frequently updated, our Upcoming Releases on show every book that the distributor has given us a date for. In addition, it includes any revisions we’ve found by manually maintaining our in-house list.  When we post these lists to the website, we also write a “best of” list and post it to social media to get your attention to the books that have a buzz in the media.

New Release List

This list is available under our Subscription Service menu on It shows the comics coming out the next Wednesday (new comic day).  Split out into new books at the top and the others at the bottom.  This list doesn’t indicate what books will be in stock at Alpha Comics.  You can use this list if you forgot to add a comic to your pull list. We can try to order it in for you and add the next ones to your pull list.  *Note that some books may not be available after the initial run. 

Last Call

Under our Subscription Service menu on is a feature called Last Call. Unless you’re a comic book store, it’s very likely you don’t know when you have to get your comic on your pull list to get it when it first comes out.  This list is always available so you can add to your pull list in time for us to get it in for you.  Generally, we need to know about 3 weeks before it comes out.

What comics are popular at Alpha Comics?

Under the Subscription Service menu on is a feature called Subscription Statistics. This shows which comics are our top contenders to help you with your pull list management.

Don’t forget about our regular website features! We are constantly scouring the internet for news about comics that we think you will be interested in.  We cross-post this information to our Facebook account so you have all the information at your fingertips.

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Alpha Comics is the ultimate destination for comic book enthusiasts. With an extensive selection of back issues, we are the perfect place to complete your collection or discover new titles. From classic titles to the latest releases, Alpha Comics has it all. Our online pull list management system makes it easy to stay up-to-date on the latest releases and reserve your favorite titles. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the world of comics, Alpha Comics has everything you need to fuel your passion for this amazing art form.


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